Sunday, 27 July 2014

melinda prompted me to make a new blog entry, part one

I know that melinda does not do sharing, but it surprised me she did not like me to make blog entries of past subs and her comment in the previous post surprised me as well.  But perhaps I should not be surprised. I am very happy that melinda writes she cares about me, that is important to me. I guess everybody who has followed this blog in the past will know that our relation was- and is not easy. One thing I know and melinda should know (and I know she knows). I love melinda and no one can replace that. No one can fill that void. A few months ago when I was longing for melinda and thinking of her, I also had the feeling she could do with a break. I had some business to do in Italy and decided to make a short break out of it. I invited melinda to share that break with me and she accepted. We had a lovely time together and there is no one but her with whom I feel completely happy and at ease. So yes I am happy as well that we have maintained a good friendship.
So melinda, if you find it hard te read about an other sub in my life, you know what you can do about it, don't you?


  1. Oh that is SO unfair! That's lower than below the belt...Firstly I didn't "prompt you" to do anything, secondly....c'mon, really? I mean, really?! (I guess you didn't work oout what the shovel was for after all...)

  2. That must be the part that does not work between us then. But though you did not prompt me directly to make a blog entry, it was the nudge I needed to make one.